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Commercial Relocation

The commercial relocation activity of Granite City Moving & Storage extends beyond simply loading and unloading trucks. Comprehensive planning and coordination are critical, especially in the instance of massive moves where sizable crews are required. Downtime resulting from inadequate preparation will unnecessarily increase the cost of any move.

Granite City Moving & Storage's personnel will be directly involved with your designated move staff, and other contacts as necessary to insure the success of your move.

Our years of experience have taught us to carefully listen and be aware of our customers’ preferences. Our knowledge, flexibility and equipment coupled with our customers’ input enable us to develop pricing and scheduling strategies to ensure a safe, efficient, and cost effective relocation.

References will be provided upon request for all phases of our business. Certificates of Insurance will be furnished upon request.

Examples of Planning and Assistance for Office Relocations:

  • Surveying proposed floor plans and preparing a detailed, logical, color-coded numbering scheme;
  • Planning exact positioning of computer equipment, file rooms, storage cabinets, and other heavy, cumbersome items which are time consuming to move;
  • Making specific recommendations for, or completely handling the labeling of, file rooms or other common use areas;
  • Planning time schedules according to your requirements and coordinating with new furniture vendors, and office equipment and telephone installers;
  • Conducting pre-move visits, as needed, to answer any and all questions your employees may have, and checking packing and labeling thoroughness;
  • Preparing and overseeing placement of signs that identify number assignments at new offices, and preparing individual office diagrams, as needed, from your plan for placement of specific items to specific areas;
  • Using specially designed rolling, multi-shelved carts to move libraries, file cabinets, and other items to reduce the labor of individually packing each shelf and the costs of cartons, tape, etc.