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Making a move, whether long distance or across town, can be an exciting yet stressful time. In either case, planning can help to make the move less stressful and more enjoyable.
For Granite City Moving & Storage, local moves are moves that are 30 miles or less from the origination of the move to the destination of the move. Local moves are charged based on an hourly rate, which varies depending on the number of the crew and the number of vehicles required. Our current rates are $116 per hour for a two-person crew and a vehicle. For each additional crew member add $42 per hour. The time is charged from the time the crew leaves the warehouse until they return to the warehouse.
A local move can range from moving one piece within the same room, to packing an entire household or office, moving the contents across the county, unpacking the cartons, and putting the contents in the cupboards and cabinets. The movers are happy to perform any moving related task that can be accomplished safely.
Before your belongings can be moved safely, small or fragile items must be packed into cartons. Granite City Moving & Storage cannot be responsible for moving fragile items such as mirrors, glass, pictures, marble, lamps and shades, computer equipment, electronics, etc., unless they are packed properly. You can have the movers do this for you, or you may choose to do some or all of the packing yourself. If you decide to pack yourself, you should use sturdy cartons with lids so the cartons can be sealed completely. The cartons should be packed as full as possible without bulging. This will make it possible to stack the cartons without crushing them and possibly damaging something inside. Granite City Moving & Storage has packing materials for sale at a very reasonable cost.
If you would like the movers to do any packing for you, you must let them know in advance so they can bring the proper materials with them and allot the proper amount of time for your move.
Other things that should be done before the movers arrive:
  • Empty and clean out the refrigerator and freezer
  • Set aside those personal items you don’t want the movers to move
  • Remove items except clothing from dresser drawers
  • Remove all small items from the tops of any furniture to be moved
  • Remove items from attics and crawl spaces
  • Clean barbeques and trash cans
  • Empty fuel from lawnmowers, trimmers, tillers, snowblowers, etc.
  • Disassemble items constructed of particle board
  • Remove and pack items from desk drawers, lateral filing cabinets, hutches, buffets, etc.
  • Disconnect appliances and electronics from wall connections
  • Move any vehicles that might be blocked in by the moving van
  • Have the family up and ready before the movers arrive
  • Set aside any cleaning supplies you’ll be using during or shortly after the move
  • Make arrangements for the care of small children Granite City Moving & Storage employees are trained professionals who are very careful, quick and efficient. The more prepared you are before they arrive, the less time it will take and the less the move will cost.
Notice Required
The notice required varies depending on the time of the year and the time of the month. We can usually schedule your move with as little as a two to three days notice. Naturally, the more notice you can give us the better. One to two weeks notice usually works well and is preferred.
The summer months are always the busiest months of the year (mid May to the end of September). The last week of any month is busier than the rest of the month. If you can avoid these times, scheduling should be easier and less notice required.
Since the cost of the local move is based on the actual amount of time the move takes, you control the cost by deciding how much you would like moved and how prepared you are. The experienced staff at Granite City Moving & Storage can give you a good idea of how long it will take based on a phone interview. For large local moves or if you plan on having us pack for your local move, you may want to arrange for a free on-site estimate to give you a more accurate approximation of the time and cost.
Cost Cutting Tips
Here are a few things you might choose to do yourself:
  • Take bedding off the beds, disassemble the bed frames
  • Stack cartons of similar size in stacks about shoulder high so they can be wheeled out on a dolly cart. The best place to stack them is in the garage without blocking traffic patterns
  • Take small items to the new residence in your car
  • Have a clear plan of where you want things placed in the new location
  • Disassemble any exercise equipment
  • If there is a freezer, pack food into coolers or small cartons
  • Although your children are very special to us, it is less time consuming and less dangerous if you make arrangements for their care on moving day
Granite City Moving & Storage Cannot
Here are a few things that we cannot do because of liability issues:
  • Unhook (or hook up) your washer, dryer or refrigerator to their wall connections
  • Disassemble, drain, or reassemble your waterbed
  • Transport propane tanks, flammables, combustibles, aerosols, corrosives, cleaning solvents (includes paints, motor oil, coolant, bottled gas)
  • Move perishable items
  • Transport ammunition, reloading primers & powder
  • Remove items from areas with rodent droppings
  • Perform a move if roads, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, steps or stairs are not cleared of ice and snow