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Welcome to Granite City Moving & Storage
If you’re moving 30 miles or less from your current location, Granite City Moving & Storage will provide you with efficient and fast support and service in order to make your move less stressful.
Long Distance
When you’re packing up for a move to another state or across the country, Granite City Moving & Storage understands the difficulties and stress that comes with it.We guarantee to make this time as painless as possible, offering our quality service and expertise to get you to your new destination safely.
Even more nerve-racking than moving across the country is moving to another country, and at Granite City Moving & Storage we guarantee to assist you every step of the way to make your move the very least of your worries. .
Office Relocation
Granite City Moving & Storage provides quality commercial moving that is more than just simply loading and unloading trucks. We will create a timely and efficient plan to work with you and help you through your office relocation.
Granite City Moving & Storage offers many types of storage capabilities from climate controlled storage to commercial storage to make your moving process as easy as possible.